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2017 is the Year of “green” and Sustainable Tourism

Tourism, for the wellness of people and the planet, must represent a concrete opportunity and not a problem: that’s the reason why the United Nations General Assembly decided, the 7th December 2015, that 2017 should be the year of sustainable tourism and development[1].

15 years after the first celebration, in fact, they felt the importance to highlight again the need to use this market sector – that every year generates a 1.260 billion dollars turnover – for the good of the people and the environment.

The goal is  to increase awareness towards the environmental aspects and to make tourism become the driving force of the real and sustainable growth for the developing countries. It’s an occasion to reiterate, once more, that the environmental safeguard should go hand in hand with the social equity.

According to the General Secretary of UNWTO (World Touring Organization), Taleb Rifai, the UNO’s announcement of 2017 as the International Year for the Development of Sustainable Tourism should be “a unique occasion to promote the contribution of tourism to the three pillars of sustainability – economical, social and environmental”, agreeing with the opinion of the world leaders, that in occasion of the United Nations Conference for the sustainable development (Rio + 20), declared that “well designed and managed” tourism could contribute to also create job opportunities and support trades.

Probios, on its side, has always been attentive to sustainability, and completely respectful of the health of people and the environment.

For years, in facts, it supports projects that aim to promote the safeguard of the environment and to protect the biodiversity of the Country. Since 2015, the company uses Senatore Cappelli wheat, harvested in Tuscany, to promote local agriculture. Moreover, for 3 years now, Probios is partner of the geographic-environmental photo contest from “Obiettivo Terra”, to defend and evaluate the Italian environmental heritage. The contest, organized every year from Fondazione Univerde and Società Geografica Italiana Onlus in occasion of the World Earth Day celebrated every year on the 22nd April, aims to promote, in particular, the natural beauty of our protected lands and to give value, internationally, to the biodiversity that characterizes the national parks and the Italian regions.