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An Increasingly 'GREEN' Country

Fast food and canned foods? Packaged and low quality products? Our country is none of this. Of course, it is well known that Italy is the cradle of the Mediterranean diet, a symbol of "good food", but if you look carefully you will find that Italians are also health-conscious. Yes, the international survey conducted by Sodexo has portrayed the food trends of Italian consumers ... let's discover together what has come to light!

Among the first points highlighted by the analysis on the consumer daily market - conducted by IRI - we find a constantly growing demand for green, healthy and sustainable products. Therefore, we are talking of an increasingly strong focus on organic and vegetarian products and of a greater awareness of the relationship between food, health and the environment.

In addition, Italians are increasingly healthy and attentive to wellness, a perfect combination of attention to health and fitness. And it is especially the younger individuals who make healthy eating a fundamental aspect of their lives: they prefer packed lunches, prepared at home with products of higher quality and low calories, without allergens and - very often - vegan or vegetarian.

In this way, the awareness that healthy eating is an important long-term investment for our country, we at Probios cara about this aspect, offering you every day products that can best meet the needs of increasingly attentive and aware consumers.