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Back to Work: How to Get Back on Track, Starting From Breakfast!

The base for correct and balanced healthy habits is to start the day with a huge breakfast, to allow you to fill up with energy and precious nutrients to face the daily tasks with the right amount of power. In the long term, the first meal of the day gains a huge role in the mechanisms that regulate our target weight, so it’s important  to give sufficient consideration to the effects that breakfast has on our body shape.

Nutritionists agree on the fact that a nutritionally balanced breakfast is a precious ally to maintain a constant level of energy during the day and to reinforce our immune system to protect our body from external agents.

Breakfast should provide from the 15% to 20% out of our daily energy needs and we should combine the right amount of different nutrients to achieve the best psychophysical wellness. After the night fasting, our body needs to recharge all the essential nutrients, both liquid and solid, to face the day.

There isn’t, however, a breakfast recipe that suits all of us. This meal must in facts change according to the single one’s lifestyle, with a major calorie intake for those who practice sports, who are extremely active, or spend long time in cold temperatures.

Many different options, both healthy or not, are available for the first meal of the day, but breakfast based only on coffee must absolutely be avoided. Caffeine forces in facts our stomach to produce excess gastric juices. In the long term,  this may cause acid reflux, stomach ache and also gastritis in the predisposed ones.

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SOURCE: F Magazine