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Bio&Co not just a Brand but a Social Project!

ABOUT US Bio & Co is the brainchild of Probios, an Italian company leader in the organic sector, in order to combine the professionalism and the Italian taste, with the ability and experience of some selected Indian companies, specializing in the cultivation and processing of biological cotton.

From this union were born textile products of the highest quality throughout all phases: GOTS - Certification for all stages from cultivation to final packaging

WHERE YOU CAN FIND US Our offices and showrooms are located in the vicinity of Florence, city of art and fashion hub of the world; the headquarters, where we grow and transform our cotton is in the south of India. Through this office we are able to live in close contact with growers and producers in a place where nature reigns supreme, uniting and developing each other's experiences in order to obtain a high quality product, starting from a precious cotton for climatic and environmental characteristics.

WELCOME TO THE PATH OF COTTON Our crops of cotton stretch along the "path of cotton", following its path from the "Elephant Corridor" of the river Kabini, to the foot of the mountain chain of "Tiger Reserve" of Anaimalai Tiger Reserve crossing the borders of three regions: Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and involving two of the largest forests in the country. Inside there are, as well as tigers and elephants, countless species of extraordinary beauty that share with men a true natural paradise.

OUR MISSION For the production of conventional cotton in the entire planet, are used by more than 25% of chemical pesticides produced in the world, with disastrous consequences to biodiversity, groundwater and ecosystems.

In addition, the careless use of GMO seeds and other chemicals used in the later stages to cultivation, such as dyes, bleaches, softeners, preservatives and various finishes further contribute to the rapid destruction of delicate ecosystems.

These substances as well as adversely affect the environment, remain present in the tissues and finding them every day in contact with the skin can give rise to irritations and allergies. In developing countries, where the cultivation of cotton is massive, it is very much in use the exploitation of men with very bad working conditions for workers and farmers who are exploited and underpaid, they are impoverished.

In the "Path of cotton" we promote a different way of producing, with the organic method we integrate in plantations plants that are more attractive to insect pests, supported by natural infusions unpleasant for them that are sprayed on cotton plants. To fertilize the land we rely on the oldest method in the world, displacing stables for cattle breeding in the vicinity of the plantations, which produce natural fertilizers and provide an additional resource for the rural population through the production of dairy products.

During packaging the non-natural substances are reduced to a minimum, our reference standard is below the restrictive parameters GOTS, all in accordance with the ethics of man, with working conditions and adequate compensations for all operators.

This is the proof that the respect of the planet in the activities of men is not a utopia but a concrete reality upon which our work is based.

OUR PRODUCTS The range of our products is very wide, we produce and sell sheets of any size, weight and color, terry and honeycomb robes, fitness apparel and leisure suits, underwear, baby collections from 0/12 months, tablecloths, curtains and home accessories, bags and custom shirts.

You can create any object in cotton that fantasy suggests to promote with an Eco Marketing your company.

OUR PARTNER Among our partners the Appachi Cotton has experience in the textile field for more than three generations; 60 years employed in the quest for producing the best cotton: EXTRA LONG FIBER quality.

In addition to the attention to the qualitative aspect, Appachi Cotton has devised an ambitious project of land conversion from conventional to organic through the program ECO-LOGIC APPACHI, bringing together the farmers of the region Kabini, supporting them and helping them to abandon the production of GMO cotton in favor of the traditional varieties of organically grown cotton, counting today the membership of over 700 smallholders.

In addition, the program, using scientific methods, teach them how to farm in a sustainable way high quality cotton, greatly increasing the productive capacities.

A SCHOOL FOR EVERYBODY In the APPACHI COTTON we find the school NACHIAR Vidyalayam which, funded by the FOUNDATION Mariappa (so named in honor of the founder of the company) brings together more than 850 unprivileged children, sons of peasants and workers of the villages in the area, giving their primary education and hope for a better future.