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Birth of the Academy of the Earth of Probios and Coscienze in Rete


A unique and exceptional event in the panorama of dedicated training to farmers, healers, traders, consumers, lovers of conscious nutrition and of Nature.
Yes, it really was a need of this Academy of the Earth! We needed an education for training and studies that put together the many and important elements of the relationship between humanity and the planet we live on. Made with a kind of approach that certainly includes the main elements that are also studied in various university courses.
But this time having that extra oomph: the understanding of the broader elements, those of conscience, those who rooted in spirituality. Because without a spiritual base, aware of love between human beings and Mother Earth, it is difficult to escape an essentially
selfish and predatory way to have anything to do with our planet.
The purely and exclusicve materialistic way of considering the Earth, which is typical of our culture, has led us to treat it only as something to be exploited for a better materially life. But
this approach has clearly shown its total blindness: the Earth is ruined and we are not
happier. And not even healthier ... Our attitude ruins everything: the planet, its resources, its beauty, its creatures ... and us.
And we also, in a purely materialistic point of view, do not know what is our role in relation to the our life on this planet. To do what? Because we want to have healthy bodies and psyches? To feel better some decades more and then die anyway? Or is there something better and deeper to know to live in a more sensible and profitable our existence? Why does our life takes place right on this beautiful Earth? Why do we grow and we eat the fruit? What is this all about? To feed only our physical body?

In our opinion, the relationship between humanity and the Earth is something infinitely more durable, rich and useful.
But we need to develop it in all its aspects and in its various dimensions to better understand
how to integrate consciously and usefully in this beautiful dynamic. And make the most out of it, both for us and for the people who surround us, for the Earth and all its creatures.

In our own era is urgent and important to do something worthwhile to reconstruct the right
relationship of conscious love between humans and the beautiful garden of our evolution, to
gain greater understanding of the Earth and its creatures, and their relationship with us.
In order to feel more and more responsible for the health of the Earth consistently on all levels. To know how to produce food in an ethical and sustainable trade or how to get healthy food and how to adequately feed our physical structure, vital and mental.
The course of study that we organized want to answer these questions in-depth, useful and practical. And that’s why it’ll be about deep ecology, conscious nutrition, healthy agriculture. But also of free spiritual themes and pathways of consciousness.
To make this a efficient path from the point of consciousness and technically view of we have combined and harmonized in the Academy of the Earth the knowledge and experiences of Consciousness on the Internet, free movement of spiritual and social studies, and PROBIOS, important company of european level in the production and marketing of organic food, and for the extreme attention to the quality of the supply chains that come from organic farmer to bring healthy and nutritious foods on our tables.

From next autumn will begin the two-year courses in Agriculture, Ecology and Nutrition, divided into four annual seminars and an intensive week in the summer. A body of remarkable teachers and the integration of a range of knowledge and experiences never before harmonized into a single path.

Fausto Carotenuto
President of Consciousness on the Net