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Coffee, one of the Most Popular Italian Drink, "Absolved" by WHO

Breakfast is definitely one of the most important moments and meals of the day. After an overnight fast, the body needs to source the necessary nutrients for the day.

In Italy, the morning awakening is equivalent to the assumption of coffee: whether it's an espresso, macchiato or an American, it doesn't matter. The coffee is certainly the most popular drink to start your day. Indeed, the latest data shows an increase in world consumption of coffee in 2016-17 promising to settle at record levels.*

On the other hand, much has been discussed about coffee from the nutritional point of view and its alleged health effects. Recently, however, the WHO (World Health Organization), through its Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a team of 23 international experts and more than 500 different investigations, "exonerated", downgrading it to category 3, the one for which there is no evidence of carcinogenic risk. **

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*Source: Il Sole 24 Ore June 21, 2016;