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Cooking Cream, Vegetable Cuisine, Bechamel: The Plant Based Alternatives

Cooking cream is a very important ingredient to give an extra touch to many meals. Just think about how a few tablespoons could change the taste of a pasta dish. The problem comes, then, when we have to think about lactose intolerances or vegan/vegetarian diets.

In fact, many more people choose to follow a cruelty-free diet. To answer those needs, food do not have to contain any animal sourced ingredient, which have to be replaced with other products, such as soy, rice or oats.

Consuming plant based food is not only indicated for those who, for ethical or health reasons, have to adopt a certain diet, but also for those who wish to try an alternative to the traditional animal derivates. After all, a simple ingredient like vegan cooking cream or béchamel, that we regularly use as a condiment or for elaborate stuffing could also be used in the same way we use traditional cream, without giving up to taste and flavors.

Besides choosing plant based raw materials as condiment, if we also want to pay attention to the quality of the ingredients and to their certified origin, the range of products available shrinks to just a few brands. Probios has always placed the attention to taste and quality and the accurate selection of organic, Italian and certified raw materials side by side.

The Tuscan group offers, in fact, a tasty alternative to plant based products, which is perfect to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. The brands Soia&Soia and Rice&Rice offer both 100% plant based “vegetable cuisine” and “béchamel”. Both of them are dairy free and their flavors perfectly match to the traditional recipes, like lasagna and cannelloni, but also any other type of recipe.

Vegetable Cuisine, Rice Cuisine and Rice béchamel are, moreover, gluten free guaranteed and certified by the Italian association AIC.

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