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Detoxify and Cleanse the Body

Detoxify and cleanse the BODY

Prerequisite to constantly renew within our body the wonder of life and multiply and replenish tissue cells is the removal of any substance that could prevent or slow down the process of regeneration. This awareness is formulated with clarity and simplicity by Swami Kriyananda in Secrets of the welfare with the thought: 'The secret of well-being is inner and outer purità, good emotions, good thoughts. The disease thrives where there are impurities, while the healthy blooms where the purity of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual carefully grows '.

The continuous renewal of cells and tissues of the body, the production of metabolic waste food, the introduction of toxic substances such as additives, preservatives, dyes, drug residues and food processing, the slowdown of liquids and vital activities consequent to the sedentary lifestyle, the gradual build-up of tension in the muscles, require the removal of substances, waste products and toxins that gradually accrue, especially at the level of the connective tissue matrix, that obstruct, slow down or impede the normal life processes and the ongoing process of regeneration. A proper eating behaviour and an active lifestyle are essential to ensure that kind of regeneration process. When digestion is insufficient, inadequate or improper harmful substances come to life. The collection of waste and toxins resulting from poor digestion and processing of food tends to accumulate in the tissues causing the appearance of symptoms and signs which are easily recognizable ...

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