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Diets... Do It Yourself? No, Thank You!

In magazines and websites there do regularly appear miraculous weight-loss diets that guarantee "success" in record time and wich attract the attention of many waiting for a magic wand bringing everything in order. Diets where we exclude drastically nutrients useful to the body such as cereals, essential fatty acids, fiber, fruit and vegetables and that on the contrary encourage the unconditional use of proteins, animal fats and bizarre meal replacement mixtures.

As many experts by now recommend, diets "do it yourself" can actually be hazardous to human health generating damages to the body: they can overly strain the organs that deal with the disposing of the waste such as the kidneys and, without a serious and careful control of a specialist, can create different ailments in the long run.
An aspect that really should not be underestimated is that certain diets can inspire unbalanced eating habits which then are difficult to correct, as we say "bad habits" die hard.

It's legitimate to think that with the arriving of the good weather and the long-awaited summer, we all do come to terms with our physical fitness, and a bit for the lack of tan that makes us look like crumpled sheets in the sun, a little because as we know in the winter we fight the cold at the table with not really light dinners and meals, it's extremely difficult to survive the trauma of the merciless mirror and her friend balance!
Certainly we would like a miracle help, but fortunately, we’ve stopped to believe in the fable of "dieting without sacrifice" long ago.

As always dictated by the principles of natural cooking and in tune with the guidelines of the most respected organizations in the food sector, we think that the good daily habits to promote well-being by preventing many related disorders.
More and more we are encouraged to treat at the table many disorders resulting from poor dietary choices such as excess cholesterol, diabetes food to name a few, and last but not least the much-hated overweight. It may seem obvious that we can not solve the problem of overweight moving towards a way of eating extreme and wrong, it would be like dabbing a problem creating the next one.
That’s why our watchword is far-sighted! Do not expect to run for cover to a step from holiday with a meal replacement bar, powdered foods that promise imminent and drastic drop in weight, most of the time without having to worry about making the slightest exercise.

It’s much better to think of our body as a machine to always keep in health, including in this concept also the maintenance of the right body weight. Little matter if the next holiday we didn't lose the whole winter blanket, the important thing that will make a difference is learning to take care of yourself. Employing time in the best way to safeguard our body, finding a meal plan that ad hoc that doesn’t deprive our body of all the valuable nutrients it needs. If we have to lose weight we have to get help by professionals who can suggest the most appropriate way , infact to lose weight gradually.
In today's environment, so polluted, living a life full of stress, it's essential drawn from the food those substances that favor our health and that we can only find in quality foods.
To counter the famous and feared "free radicals", formed by cell oxidation and responsible for aging, the food is the greatest ally we can have. It’s therefore a big mistake falling of the vitamins and minerals contained instead in the quality food, which contributes to the maintenance of health and beauty.

It will be great fun taking care of yourself and acquire positive habits, and in addition to this, although we will need a little more time, we will reach a physical form that satisfies us and that will last over time. Love yourself, includes the care of the body under many points of view, it is not the end (I want to lose weight) but the way that you do to get there.

Cuddle yourself with positive habits and then maybe You’ll even get friend with mirror and scale!