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Discovering Hemp Seeds, an Ancient and Precious Food

Hemp seeds are a natural food, selected among authorized species of edible Canapa Sativa. Hemp seeds are well known for their nutritional values, and are considered a “superfood”, which means a product with values and nutrients that are above the average. They’re in fact a source of omega 3 and 6, of protein, of vitamins and essential amino acids.

What distinguishes cannabis – which has been for many years source of debates about the legalization of light drugs –and edible hemp, which is sustainable and renewable, is the amount of THC, the psychotropic substance that has different consequences on our organism. Thanks to the law established in January 2017, harvesting hemp varieties whose level of TCH is lower than 0,2% is easier and supported.

Hemp used to be harvested by Chinese 8500 years ago, and was considered a source of fibers, not as a seed. Hemp as fiber was diffused at first in Asia and Egypt, then in Europe between 1000 and 2000 a.C. its cultivation expanded in Europe after 500 d.C.

The seeds have always been widely used in the kitchen. Not everyone knows that Maestro Martino, the prince chef of the Sforza family, in its book Libro de Arte Coquinaria, gived many indications on how to prepare two “soups with hemp seeds”, anticipating the latest trends of many centuries.

Raw and whole (or hulled), these seeds are ready to eat, maybe with a salad, with soy yogurt, or other food of your choice. The cold pressed seeds instead, are used to prepare the hemp oil, which is high in fatty acids and omegas.

To satisfy the requests of the consumers and provide them an excellent and controlled product, Probios (Italian leader company in the distribution of organic vegetarian products), besides the simple hulled hemp seeds, also offer many other meals based on this food, such as the 100% hemp seed spread.
Among the products of Il Nutrimento – tuscan manufacturing company that processes fresh veggies, seasoned and prepared to give life to the products of our tradition – are also available the hemp seed oil and the Hemp Pestos, in three different versions: Hemp and Basil, Hemp and Sundried Tomatoes, Hemp Curry and Courgettes.
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