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An Extra Drop of Love...


"Love mediated by way of the senses is the wellspring of creative power, of what is coming into being. Without sense-born love, nothing material would exist in the world; without spiritual love, nothing spiritual can arise in evolution. When we practice love, cultivate love, creative forces pour into the world"
(Rudolf Steiner).

Here's what's missing to finally give positive leap to human evolution.
Without love, there is at most an increase of the material part, the apparent part, the mortal one ... the one we leave on earth to become ashes when we go in the other dimensions. And the material progress, without love, is a source of huge imbalances, injustices, violence ...

With unconditional and spiritual love, there is a creativity that transforms everything, the conscience, the society and the matter itself, to make it the land for the development of our immortal spirit. The loving progress does not forecast imbalances and violence, or even "collateral damage." But only an harmonious development of true essence of every being. And that is for all without exclusions, such as the Sun ...
If we put pure love into everything we do, we become the channel of rivers of creative cosmic love that flow on the Earth. And all thanks to us, it becomes kinder, more beautiful, realer.

The everyday recipe?
Let’s pay attention to the non-random flow of events and people that we encounter every day, and let’s us put anywhere - without anxiety and gradually – an extra drop of love than we would naturally do!
Exactly that, with great precision, is our daily margin of possible improvement.
The spiritual world sends the flow of events, it is a well-organized world for each of us and for giving us the opportunity to put something new and good in it ... and we can put the aware drops of love. And this is the most direct way to grow and to facilitate a truly positive evolution of society.
What are you waiting for: let’s put an extra drop of love in the world... today?

Fausto Carotenuto
Coscienze in Rete