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Food and Sport, Gabriele Palloni and Valeria Airoldi From Fitfood, at Sana

In occasion of SANA  2017, Probios – always aware about the health of people and the environment – wanted to focus on the theme of food and sport, involving two experts, the vegan chef Gabriele Palloni and the fitness and food blogger Valeria Airoldi, in an exclusive showcooking.

The result was a cooking class that caught the attention of the visitors of the 29th edition of natural and organic products, and provided precious advice and ideas for an organic, various, balanced and healthy diet, perfect for any workout.

“The participation at Sana with Probios was a moment of growth” – commented Valeria Airoldi – “it has been a special occasion to learn new things about fit food, to feel the emotion of sharing my healthy approach to the everyday life and to know more about products, tips and tricks to prepare balanced yet tasty vegan meals, perfect for those who workout everyday with passion to live better and feel healthier.

The fitfood blogger prepared two meals, together with the expert advice of the chef Gabriele Palloni: the Red lentil pizza with tomatoes and vegan mozzarella and the Black beans pasta with mint flavored zucchini sauce and soy ricotta cheese.

Both recipes are great for those who practice sport and in particular as a post-workout” – explained Chef Palloni – “they are in facts extremely high in protein and Omega 3, calcium and minerals. The fats intake is instead really low. Moreover, both recipes are gluten free and perfect for celiacs and gluten sensitives.

For pizza in facts, the red lentils-based crust guarantees a high protein content, whereas in the preparation of the vegan mozzarella the flaxseed oil provides the fatty acids Omega 3. The nutritional yeast, also, represents a great source of vitamins and minerals.

The black beans pasta is also a great source of protein, enriched with the zucchini cream to boost the vitamin intake, while the almonds are a source of Omega 3.

For all of the food and sports lovers, here are both recipes:

Red lentils flour pizza with tomatoes and vegan creamy mozzarella

Black beans pasta with mint flavored zucchini sauce and soy ricotta cheese