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Free From & Vegan with Gabriele Palloni and Tiziana Colombo at Sana

Among the topics treated by Probios at SANA 2017, there have also been the one of organic “free from”, associated to a vegan diet.

There are more and more people that, in fact, due to intolerances or allergies, have to choose a gluten free, lactose free or any other allergen free diet, and in the meantime, the consumers of a “cruelty free” diet are also growing. During the 29° edition of the International Saloon of Organic and Natural products, Probios dedicated them a cooking class by the vegan Chef Gabriele Palloni and the famous blogger Tiziana Colombo, aka Nonna Paperina, founder and president of the association “Il Mondo delle Intolleranze”.

The two prepared a recipe together, which is the Chickpeas gluten free Tagliatelle with red sauce, a meal that perfectly combines both of these two needs.

“It was a great pleasure to participate, with the vegan chef Gabriele Palloni, to this unusual and difficult experiment, a gluten free and vegan pasta recipe!” – explained Nonna Paperina – “It seemed impossible, but instead, despite my low experience on vegan food, the gluten free, egg free, dairy free and vegan tagliatelle were delicious…a great success! We only use natural, healthy and organic ingredients like the rice flour and the chickpeas flour, high in nutrients and in quality. I have learned many tips and tricks from this expert, that showed me a world made of a brand new food culture that I’m now definitely in love with”.

The combination of organic, free from and vegan food is then possible, and also tasty and useful to set the base of a various and “creative” diet that is not necessarily made of sacrifices.

Often, when we talk about free from and vegan diet we tend to focus on the ‘without’ and on the sacrifices” – explains Gabriele Palloni – “I like to focus instead on the theme of care and attention that these choices have both on our health and on the health of the environment. Moreover, these two types of diet really get along and often, who is vegan for ethical reasons is always careful about its health and chooses, for example, a diet that is low in gluten or likes to switch the traditional pasta, which is high in carbohydrates, to high in protein alternatives such as the pulses pasta

For those of you who want to try, here’s the gluten free and vegan recipe by chef Palloni:

Gluten Free Chickpeas Tagliatelle With Red Sauce