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Oat: From Now On a New Opportunity for Those Who Wants To Eat Gluten-Free

The “Avena sativa” is an ancient grain known since the Bronze Age, from the "fertile crescent" (Mesopotamia and Egypt), now grown mainly in Central and Eastern Europe.

It's a naturally gluten-free cereal: the possible presence of gluten depends on the possible presence of wheat seeds in bags of oat seeds or from subsequent contamination post plantation (in the means of transport, silos, processing machinery).
The utmost care in handling the product and the adoption of special tight and self-control procedures within the HACCP plan throughout the supply chain allow the few companies worldwide to ensure the absolute purity of oats and the absence of any contamination .
In northern Europe there are already available some product made of oat marketed under the certification of "gluten-free" such as flakes, biscuits, muesli.

In Italy the Ministry of Health has recently authorized the use of the claim "gluten-free" on the new Probios oat products range, the first in Italy.

Thanks to strict controls and analysis, Probios products have successfully passed the strict ministerial evaluations, allowing to present for the first time in Italy a line of baked goods made with oats, officially guaranteed gluten free.
In fact, only an absolutely scrupulous production in each process can ensure the availability of oats with no traces of gluten; it's an ingredient that must be guaranteed and managed with every attention since sowing, produced and prepared/processed so that any traces of gluten do not exceed 20mg/Kg considered harmless even for celiacs.

The interest in this corn is growing, even for its fiber and beta-glucans, so that the European Commission recognizes to contribute to the maintenance of normal levels of blood cholesterol: a nutritional level is a new resource of great interest to the celiac.
We can say that this interesting cereal is expected to become the food of the future, even for those who must eat gluten-free foods.

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