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Gluten-Free: The Last Frontier Food Industries

Gluten-free: without gluten. This is the last frontier for food industries: essential for those suffering from celiac disease, a small intestinal disease due to an autoimmune inflammatory reaction caused by exposure to gliadin, a particular protein found in wheat flour and other cereals, as barley, rye and oats, barley, kamut. Those ingredients are used to produce many of the most popular foods: bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, cakes.

The genetic profile predisposing to such intolerance is present in about 30 percent of the population, but only 3 percent becomes ill with celiac disease. According to the latest data of the Ministry of Health, in Italy there would be almost 600 thousand cases of celiac disease, but only less than one third (in 2015 there were about 165 thousand celiacs) would be the ones actually diagnosed. Many of the ill are therefore unaware of their actual medical condition.

Fortunately, for all of these patients, life today is much easier than it was in the past. The only effective treatment is the gluten-free diet, possible recoursing to foods that are naturally free of the toxic compound.

To meet that need, Probios has designed a complete line, based on Italian organic rice flour, to allow even the celiac to prepare and enjoy bread, pizza, cakes, pastries, pies and cookies. These preparations, part of the brand "Rice & Rice", are guaranteed 100% gluten-free and are loanable on the NHS. They are quick and easy to use and create dishes and tasty snacks: discover all gluten-free recipes on our site ricette gluten-free that you can compose with the preparation Rice & Rice, even with the bread machine!1

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