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Going Back to School has never been Tastier

Also this year are we here, in a little less than two weeks school and kindergarten will start again and all the families are already busy with the preparation of everything they need: from the aprons for the little ones to the diaries for the older ones, up to the backpack to inaugurate the new school year, and also pencil cases, notebooks, pens. Thus, every year the requests increase and the list gets longer and more expensive.

And while children and teenagers enjoy these last days of total freedom and leisure, moms are grappling with the organization of snacks to put in their backpacks and that make their children enjoy the sound of the bell. In this case we will help you, because even Probios is ready to go back to the desks with your kids, for whom it has prepared some good news.

Let's start with the delicious Rice&Rice Gluten Free Doughnuts, the only organic ones present on the Italian market, produced with sunflower oil only and without palm oil, available both in the normal version and with chocolate chips for the sweet tooth. The gluten-free donuts are the new snacks that meet the needs of all, deductible from the National Health System and with the GF symbol on the package. In addition, they also adapt well to breakfast.

There are many snacks without gluten and individually packaged, suitable not only for school desks but also for those returning to the office: take a look on our website to discover plumcakes, stuffed cookies, cakes made with different cereals and available in many flavors!

And for those who do not give up fruit during the snack, the line of pulps in a doypack packaging is what it takes: lots of flavors also based on Italian fruit to bring the freshness of summer with you!