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Hidden Lard in Our Meals: How to Defend Ourselves?

Nothing is more annoying for vegetarians than to discover that they have unknowingly eaten an animal based ingredient. Unfortunately, this happens really often, since the food industry is a complex system where throwing away something is forbidden.  In fact, slaughtered animals are a source of raw materials for many uses: from leather for textiles, to pharmacy.

For this reason, those who want to follow a 100% cruelty free diet must pay a lot of attention.

For example, lard, an animal based fat, which is obtained melting the pig’s fat tissues, has always been used for many traditional recipes, and it is used and appreciated nowadays for its quality to obtain softer and more flavorful recipes (such as bread and pizzas, cakes and ready meals).

How to defend ourselves, then?

Regarding baked packed products, from crackers to breadsticks, from biscuits to pastry, you only have to read the labels, while for handmade ones, the only thing you can do is to ask to the shop assistants. In the supermarkets, you just need to look around to understand if the bread – whole wheat, with nuts, with durum wheat semolina – was prepared using lard. The law says that the customers must be informed about what they buy, in fact, even the biggest supermarkets have to provide a book with the ingredients list to those who ask for it.

The only other alternative is also really funny one: it is to roll up your sleeves and to prepare bread at home! For those who want to go for a DIY, Probios offers in fact an innovative condiment based on cold pressed solid extra virgin olive oil. The SpalmOlio, 100% plant based guaranteed, is gluten free, palm oil free, cholesterol free and a natural source of vitamin E: a new way to eat ETHICAL without giving up to taste!