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How Shopping Changes: Online but with Quality

In Italy the large retailers is undergoing major changes: on the one hand the purchasing power of families has been diminished while the habits are changing very fast thanks to the progressive success of online sales.
People now prefer to do daily expenses, buying essential goods with an increasing incidence of fresh foods and convenience foods and avoid waste.

In other words, purchases are focused on the needs of individual consumers, chasing the quality and not the discount. Episteme, social and market research company, confirms the trend: "In the years of crisis a degree of flexibility on the quality theme is developed and each one chooses on what to invest. This explains [for example] the organic growth [even] in a state of contradiction of spending."

From this scenario, then emerges the image of the new consumer: capable of comparing the news about the products they buy, the more unfaithful and nomad, able to move from one distribution channel to another to search the optimal mix of price and quality, the more digital and ready to use new technology to buy online and to save time.

It's a proof of fact that e-commerce is the only channel that in recent years has scored double-digit increases despite the unfavorable scenario. Moreover, 70% of Italians think that some of the purchases in the future will transit via the Internet, with a prevalence of no food (on platforms like Amazon), but not only. [1]
[1] SOURCE: Corriere della Sera