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Italian soy is GMO free?

I am a consumer of Probios products and recently I approached vegan diet.
I have bought many products from Soia&Soia range and among them I find very inviting and tasty the béchamel, but I found out on none of these indications regarding the fact that soy is completely free from GMOs. Where did it come from? And how do I get the guarantee of GMOs free?

The vegetable bésciamel of the line Soia&Soia is produced from Italian organic soy and like other Probios organic products must follow the rules of the Disciplinary Committee on Organic Regulation EC 834/2007.
Articles 2 and 9 of the disciplinary prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms for all organic products that are required, as well as not contain GMOs, also not result nor be derived from GMOs.
You will not find directions on the label because it is implicit that an organic product does not contain GMOs and by law you can not use a statement like that.

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