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Which Kind of Products Should be Eaten for a Good Diet?

The beings present on our beautiful planet are of many kinds ... minerals, plants, animals and humans. Then there are many others beings on other planes and dimensions, we do not see ... But they are intensely hard-working on invisible planes, such as the one of life and psychic one. The first profound wisdom of ancient traditions call it "etheric" and the second "astral".

Every being on Earth has a different degree of evolution and this corresponds to increasing degrees of creativity. Humans, more than the others, have evolved to produce something unique: thoughts.
Thoughts? That's right .. you thought that we were producing goods, art, goods of all kinds, etc.. ? Why thoughts? Actually, we produce all these too sophisticated material things, because first of all we thought about it. Because they are the result of our thoughts.

It 's true that even animals, plants and minerals, produce very intelligent and very wise effects and things. But they do so by following the law, guides (such as instinct) that come from the outside, which are not the result of their processing. Some wise would be right to say that this "comes from their spiritual guides." The leaders of the various groups of beings.

Instead we use thoughts on our own.
And we elaborate them for thousands of years in various ways. In many cases doing wrong and correcting our errors.

The main error – better if we call it experience - we have done until now is that we put this ability to use the thoughts at the disposal of our material drives. And this has created a predatory and selfish society. With an enormous damage to human society and the ecosystem.
But now, from a few years there is a great new feature: the age of the development of consciousness wants to introduce a new element in our thoughts, unconditional love for others and for the Earth and its beings. This need is pressing inside us ... and will produce better and more creative thoughts for the good of all beings of our great planet.

We therefore say that the thoughts that work for the good of all, are those designed with the heart.

Our entire physical structure is also made for producing thoughts filled with love, which produce actions that are good for us and all that is around us.
But in order to work well it is necessary that we have the right and required forces for this delicate and important task.
The thoughts circulate in the cosmos, in the world of ideas of which Plato spoke so well. But to catch them and make them our own, and to produce vibrant and efficient thoughts, some important elements are also on the material plane.

The thoughts, when they move within us, are made of a vital matter, which is also called "etheric", which is the energy that flows within us, an expression of divine love. If this energy decreases we get sick, if it comes out life ends.
One of the effects of the reduction of this energy is that less of divine love flowing within us, and the thoughts make us weak. We think sloppy and uncreative thoughts, that are not free and not at all bright. And also our body, free of vitality-love, becomes ill.

But from where do we take this"etheric" or vital matter?
From the cosmos, through the vitality present everywhere, what the ancient Indian sages called "prana".
And then from food, everyday!
We therefore say that the food, nourish our physical body, and has the specific task of giving strength and vitality to thought.
Of course, also food has to be rich in "etheric" or vital matter.

Another thing that we carry inside us with food are the ideas, the thought forms that depend on how the spiritual or the human world designed and produced that kind of food.
In designing a fruit the spiritual world got a huge "constructive” wisdom and a great love. It did it not for himself, but for the creatures of the earth .. to support them in their growth.
So the food is also the bearer of a thin "matter" made of great ideas and great love.
When we eat, we do not only ingest useful elements for our physical body, we also eat vitality for our thoughts, divine thoughts, and love.

Of course, this only happens if the products we eat have not been devitalized, altered, put up before taking them on our table. And if they are part of the divine plan of love to give us nourishment for the body, vitality, and soul. T ogive us everyday "our" fair “daily bread"of divine origin.

But then, you will say, why much of the worldwide agriculture and food industry does everything to give us their altered, packaged, rerouted food? Without life and love?
Precisely because of their lack of love ...Because some dark forces in the world want to block the growth of human consciousness, which is based on the freedom to think wise thoughts and full of love thoughts and turn them into actions that improve the world and human society . And because the lack of awareness and the selfish and predatory forces which are still present in us, in order to earn selfishly more, take part at the great game of dark anti-conscience forces.
Then for money they yeld to the seduction of chemistry, of GMOs, additives, dyes, radiation ... of the ease to store and prepare certain foods, of laziness, of haste ...

And in these foods it will not only miss life, the power of thoughts, the divine love ... but their positivity for us will further diminished by the fact that the production and distribution chain operates without love ... In fact on the contrary works in order to "prey".
So we have foods that are also deformed and weakened by the lack of human love.
These foods make our physical body weak and ill, reduce our vitality and turn off the forces of thought and love. They make us less free and more easily controlled by those dark powers of the world that have taken possession not only of finance and government, but also of the great chains of production and distribution of food.

So which foods should we choose for ourselves and the people around us?
Organic foods, carefully chosen, not altered in their original plan, foods full of life. Foods whose vital and social forces have not been removed but increased with the processes of cultivation, production, processing and distribution inspired by a loving awareness.

The more we consume these foods the more we force the chains of production and distribution to provide them to us .. we will give strength to our individual and social freedom, and will take it away from the powers that want to enslave us.
Someone will say that eating organic is more expensive and not everyone can afford it ... Actually is not like that. We can eat organic and choose to spend less on other things that are not so important ... We can also reduce the amount, sometimes excessive ... consciousness will find the ways, if it cares about its health and freedom.
Finally the more people buy organic the more prices will drop.
We choose the right foods to nourish our bodies and our consciousness! We can do it.

Fausto Carotenuto
President of Consciousness on the Net