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Lean leadership: The "Probios Case"

When it comes to personal growth and development one relates it always to the private sphere.
But if we think about how much time we spend working in our lives, it's natural to think of taking advantage of it for our personal growth.
Luciano Attolico, CEO & Founder of Lenovys, introduces the Probios case in his latest book "Toyota Way for the Lean Leadership", which deals with cases of success that have undertaken a lean path within the company.

Probios is quoted because it applied the lean management not only to the canonical business procedures in order to improve time, costs, waste and processes, but above all to the people who work there, believing that an employee who manages to grow within the company, as well as improving his lifestyle by filling it with satisfaction and more free time, will definitely be more productive and responsible at work.
The first to have undertaken this path has been the President Fernando Favilli, hence the first to benefit from it and to apply it accordingly to its company, with the aim of creating new mental energy and new skills, targeted to personal and business excellence.

To find out more about the "lean thinking", you can find and buy the book online (Italian only).
Inside you will also find the words of Fernando Favilli and Rossella Bartolozzi to witness the results that the yards of lean leadership have contributed to Probios.