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Meal Planning for Healthier Eating Habits

Our current lifestyle is dictated by stressful rhythms and a continuous fight against time, and this could affect our food choices, letting us moving towards fast food or junk food.

A good help, in this sense, comes from the experts in nutrition, that suggest to plan our weekly menu as a strategy,  simple yet effective, to guarantee a healthy and balanced diet.

A research published on International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, conducted in France on more than 40 thousand people in occasion of a massive observational research, showed in fact that those who planned in advance what to eat had a “healthier diet, more in compliance with the nutritional guidelines for its food variety, and also smaller percentages of obesity risks”.

The mechanism is simple: when we decide the menu in advance, it is easier to alternate the food, but also to manage to prepare food at home, without having to eat ready meals or practical, fast but unhealthy options.

Planning our menu in advance also allows to choose more accurately our food to balance our diet, prioritizing the vegetables, that according to the experts should represent ¾ of the ideal shopping cart, starting from seasonal fruit and veggies; then, the inevitable cereals: also in this case, planning in advance helps to alternate between spelt, barley, rice, pasta but also some “pseudo-cereals” such as amaranth, quinoa and oats, that are rich of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Lastly, pulses are a great source of plant based proteins and minerals and, served with whole cereals, they are a perfect meal on a nutritional point of view. Considered “poor food” for a long time, they have nowadays been rediscovered in new shapes that represent a great alternative to animal proteins.

Probios offers a wide range of plant based products made of cereals or pulses, to vary our daily food habits for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The products from Il Nutrimento, specialized in the preparation of organic fresh and seasonal veggies, seasoned to recreate the products of the Italian tradition, are the ideal ones for those of you who want something practical, without having to give up to taste and quality of the food.

[1] SOURCE: Corriere della Sera, 26 febbraio 2017