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The Miracles of Gratitude

Gratitude is a feeling of love, and has the effect of warming the heart and opening our receiving channels to true understanding of everything that comes to us in life, as a gift of the spirit world. In the form of daily flow of events.
Pursuing the gratitude we realize that only what we love will discover itself in its deeper meaning. And each of these revelations will fill us with gratitude further. Because we will understand that everything that comes to us is only to make us richer interiorly.

Gratitude for joys and sorrows that drive us to understand, to love, to act with love and for love ...
If we are too critical in relation to everything that comes to us we can not understand the richness and opportunities that lie behind certain people and certain events.
Being hypercritical will produce in us a contraction of gratitude that will not allow us to understand and to make us grow inwardly.
Indifference is another terrible contraction of gratitude, which hides the gold that comes to us in the flow of life, and prevents to soak in its positive sense.

We can not but be grateful to all that came to us in life, because we have become what we are just through the whole past series of not random events and experiences, prepared just for us, to make us grow. Gratitude gives birth to love, and when love is born of gratitude for life, it opens our heart to spiritual power that permeates all existence.
Let’s begin to acquire a new "viewpoint" and a superior sensitivity.

With gratitude we deeply connect to the reason why of things and events, and of their appearances, and then we connect directly to the spiritual world, which creates for us things and events.

The idea that fate is anyway carried out in a positive way starts not from our mind, which is linked to the senses, but from the heart and the feeling of gratitude, which are connected to the worlds of the spirit.
And it is thanks to the gratitude that arises within us the belief and the feeling that our destiny is conducted anyway in a positive direction.
When we realized the existence of this positive evolution in fate, having experienced gratitude and love, we begin to feel the power of the events that made us what we are.

And then we will be grateful to all our past, we will live with positive and proactive attention to the present and wait for the future with confidence and calm.


Fausto Carotenuto
President of Coscienze in Rete