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Our Beauty Secret: Organic Food and Natural Beauty Products

Probios, has always been careful about the health of its consumers: that’s the reason why it only distributes organic certified products, that are also suitable for those who suffer of food intolerances.

In facts, healthy eating represents a precious ally for our physical and mental balance, it helps us feel better and be more beautiful, starting from our skin: “we are what we eat”, said once the German philosopher and critic Ludwing Feuerbach.

Nevertheless, following a balanced diet and choosing the right food is not always enough. It is crucial to also choose the right cosmetic products, made with certified and natural ingredients, because what we use on our skin is also absorbed by our organism in the same way that food does. To take care of the beauty and the health of its consumers at its best, Probios choose to become the distributor of Idea Toscana’s Prima Spremitura BIO face products and Prima Spremitura body products ranges, both made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Toscano IGP”, a product certified by the consortium that nowadays reunites  11 thousand Tuscan companies. This special oil, from the harvest, to the pressing and the bottling, is completely manufactured in Tuscany, as the regulations for IGP Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil request.

The richness of the minerals and beneficial principles, such as the Eleuropeine (antioxidant and regulator of cell renewal), the Oleocantale (soothing), the Fitosteroles (bioactivating and nutrient), the Squalane (protective and hydrating), the Polyphenols (antioxidant and anti-radical), and the Tocopherol (hydrating, anti inflammatory and soothing) are the responsible of the soothing and hydrating properties of this extraordinary oil, which come s from real olive pressing and is a unique product. The Egyptians, the Greeks, the Etruscans and the Romans already used this precious raw material for cosmetic purposes. This Mediterranean tradition has been then preserved until now, and it represent a synonym of high quality.

Besides being realized with this extraordinary principle, the whole Face Range Prima Spremitura BIO is also organic certified. Idea Toscana is, in facts, one of the five companies in Italy that certifies is beauty and face products with the highest Natrue Level, which is Organic Cosmetics.

It’s a really complex process of certification, released by Natrue (the only International Certification Authority) after verifying a long series of strict requisites that also involve the use of natural or natural sourced ingredients only, the organic certification of at least 95% of the raw materials (water not included) and the use us 100% natural ingredients to give the product a smell. Moreover, not certified ingredients are not accepted (if on the market certified products are already available), and GMOs are forbidden. Particular attention is also dedicated to the aspects that concern the production, with controls on the process and environment.

Moreover, all of the products from the Prima Spremitura Body Range are made with plant based detergents and natural essential oils. The absence of SLES/SLS, parabens, sylicons, mineral oils, isottazolynomes, artificial colorings and synthetic smells makes them completely natural and ideal for all types of skin, also the most delicate ones.

In fact, the most precious vegetable oils, such as the organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Toscano IGP, are multifunctional. The oil provides in fact the nourishment to reinforce the natural hydrolipidic surface of the skin, that helps to defend from external agents (the sun, the light, the smog, smoke…). It also helps contrasting the passing of time nourishing the skin from the depth, reinforcing its structure. Moreover, it is absorbed quickly by the skin  thanks to its molecular structure, that also helps balancing the sebum.

The skin, then, regains uniformity, it becomes shiny and regains its natural balance.