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Probios in defense of the environment

For over forty years we have been fighting for the respect for the environment in all its nuances: for us, indeed, it’s very important to transmit the values of sustainability and ethics even beyond our products.

A few weeks ago, on September 12th, the World Day without Plastic Bags was held, established in 2009 by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), an opportunity to raise consumer awareness of the dramatic consequences for the environment deriving from the abuse of disposable plastic for food storage and waste disposal. We had already talked about this topic a few months ago, when National Geographic had just launched the #PlanetorPlastic campaign, but the need to try to reduce this impact on the environment is increasingly imminent.

An imminence that derives from increasingly critical environmental conditions, so much so that the Global Footprint Network, the International Research Institute, announced the Earth Overshoot Day on August 1st, the day on which all the renewable natural resources that the Earth is able to regenerate within a year were exhausted. A real ecological debt that, from year to year, always comes first: in 1970 the overshoot coincided with December 29, while today, after almost 50 years, falls five months earlier. And the trend for the future doesn’t seem to be destined to improve.

Some gruesome data that should make us understand how every single gesture of our daily life can be a significant contribution to our planet: every action and every decision we make, can bring significant changes to the world in which we live. For this reason we want to spread the value of love for the environment, so that the sensitivity to this theme can expand in the homes of our consumers and beyond.


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