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Probios in favor of agro-ecology

Recent studies by the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations have highlighted the chance of a conversion of land to agroecology - in a scenario from now to ten years - which excludes from farming the use of pesticides in favor of ecological processes and sustainable practices.


Specifically, the studies focused on the possibility of favoring ecological agricultural types with reduced environmental impact, but at the same time guaranteeing high standards of food safety. Faced with this possibility, the study highlighted the chance of creating a format capable of combining productivity with the growing food needs of the population.


Discovering a new food balance

Hence the need to re-educate consumers and the population to a diet that relies on greater consumption of cereals, fruits, vegetables and green proteins, thus reducing the consumption of meat, eggs, fish and dairy products. Secondly, it has emerged that it’s very important to work on the spread of a more sustainable and lasting food culture, able to respect the nautre times and body needs, avoiding waste and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, which excludes the use of chemicals.


Agroecology as a valid alternative

The outcomes of the study showed that it’s possible to meet the growing food needs of Europeans between now and 2050, reducing the environmental impact in favor of diversified production and giving up with the use of pesticides and fertilizers. It’s a viable alternative to traditional methods of cultivation, therefore, which arises from the need to change a system that includes multiple sectors of society, such as territories, the community, the access to resources and the relationship between consumer and market.