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Probios Focus: The Queen of "Le Fate"

We met Serenella of the vegan restaurant "Le Fate" in Florence. As the name suggests it, our friend is an expert astrologer, lets discover together the common thread between astrology and food, with some predictions for 2015 ..

Serenella, where does your interest in astrology come from and how did you come to "Le Fate"?
It started with the intent to understand the Universe. My Charter of Heaven was the first I've seen, which allowed me to monitor in detail the meaning of these symbols. And I do not have
fossilized on mine, I wanted to understand and discover the meaning of the symbols and how they moved in different situations of the individual. The stars incline, do not determine the chart; it is a bit like the bulletin for sailors, it is a code that does not need to make a prediction for its own sake, rather serves to suggest how to reach out to the events.
That's how a journey began that lasted 30 years, a true lover of symbols and planets. The last step was 4 o5 years ago: a lady to who I had made the chart invited me to do astrological advice in her restaurant, which had a great success. Then followed the theme dinners, culminating in an evening where we prepared 12 dishes for the 12 signs.

This was the beginning of "Le Fate" ...
That's right! The meeting with Cristian then, the chef of Le Fate was crucial! Cristian deals with biodynamic and the relationship with the movement of the seasons and the earth, astrology is precisely the correlation between Heaven and Earth. We also are the fruits of the earth like an onion, a cherry, if we are born in the winter we’ll take energy from the earth and the sky differently from those which we can take in the summer, and also personality characteristics will be different. Capricorns is born with the cold, when nature is still closed and dormant and it is in fact the feature that is perceived is the coldness as a way to live the emotions and not externalize them fluidly. Libra instead, born in fal,l precisely during the equinox between daylight and darkness of the night, so here's his constant search for balance and consequent suffering in the conflict. Aries instead represents the explosive awakening of nature in spring, etc..

So you've joined astrology and vegan food, how did this marriage begin?
It was an evolution of my thinking that has sharpened my sensitivity, so before I became a vegetarian and then vegan. I made this choice for the love to animals and the planet. Most customers I welcome are not vegans but are curious and ask the reasons for this choice. Many of them leave contented in soul and taste, almost in disbelief - to tell the truth-that a vegan cooking is so good. And when they return someone tells me that they have stopped eating meat! Even the use of organic raw materials and quality is a priority for us, as well as going to rediscover the Renaissance Tuscan cuisine, such as the "Carabaccia" (ideal for scorpion!): Florentine onion soup, which Catherine of Medici exported to France and later became the famous French soupe d'oignon.

But what is the similarity between the food and the stars?
During all my studies I took a course with an expert, based on the theory of a doctor of the first 800, Wilhelm Schüssler, who had identified, "calcining" the organic tissues, ie burning them, just twelve inorganic salts that make up all the matter.
I studied the correlation of these salts and plant foods just looking for a match between biochemistry of salt derived from vegetable and zodiac sign. Even the choice of color and flavor aspects are characteristic for each sign: there are dishes with a stronger taste suitable for any signs or most sensitive to others.

But so there are some zodiac signs that can be the most difficult to take the choice vegan and signs more likely to embrace this thought?
Without generalizing I would say yes. For example, the Fire Signs are more resistant to abandon meat, they need strong energy and maybe come to this choice more slowly, in a less obvious way. The water signs themselves are empathetic, more introspective and therefore more open to wonder about the Universe. That's why the ethical choice for a Cancer or a Pisces is more natural, fluid, some Aries conversely sometimes tells me precisely: "I just can’t deprive myself of the meat!" Signs of air are very curious, maybe they are attracted to try new ideas and approach because of curiosity. For signs of Earth in general it always takes time to change, but once changed they are also the most consistent. A Virgin then needs time to leave the old road but once embraced the new one he takes it with conviction and tenacity.

Fairy Serenella... some astrological prediction for 2015?
..the universe sees and provides ..All is cyclical and therefore: Signs of Fire reclaim height: 2015 will be very positive for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius to the effect that Saturn had to work very hard in the past year. So recognition and successes, therfore they can travel with the wind in its sails! The sings of Air still have some other challenge but gradually will regain stability. The Twins will make long-term plans, the Balance will have to wait for spring to define the situations that so far have kept his head down, while Aquarius beaten by Saturn can breathe a big sigh of relief and achieve important goals. Signs of Water in recent years have had great movements and will have to sweat a little longer: Pisces will realize some aspects they already have filed their commitment and seriousness, for Cancer there will, but not now, be the opportunity to break free from addictions. Scorpio will continue to know how to cope with small accidents but then in the summer will have major favorable opportunities. For Earth signs it's time to pick up their lives and let go of what is exhausted and no longer needed, apart from the Taurus that has already "sweaten" and then resume breathing, while Virgo and Capricorn will be engaged in giving direction to their lives.