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Quality Answer: Sprouts of Cannellini Beans

I found in the pantry a package of white beans and tried to get them to sprout, but without success. A friend of mine told me that they perhaps were a bit too dry or have been irradiated and are no longer viable?

The ability of the seed to germinate is influenced by several factors.
Meanwhile we want to reassure you that the organic product can not be irradiated and so this isn’t the reason, it seems more plausible that it could be a not very young legume, it might have lost a part of the biology aimed at germinating, such as moisture and cell firmness, and so did not sprout.
However, this does not detract absolutely the organoleptic and commercial characteristics of the product and for the purpose of its use for feeding.

Instead, regarding the technique of germinating, there can be used a specific sprouter but it is important to better modulate the main factors of the technique for obtaining a good result starting from the hours of light.
The biology teaches us that to sprout, a seed needs several hours of darkness, variable depending on the species and the type of seed and the degree of humidity.
I urge you to try again with a legume bought more recently and You will definitely have better results!

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