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Quality Answers: Impalpable Rice Flour

I bought your gluten-free impalpable rice flour, but I have not quite clear what do you mean by impalpable and what is the difference with white rice flour. Maybe it's a particular type of gluten free flour?

The organic flour for Probios gluten-free rice reports “impalpable” only as a voluntary labeled to highlight some features: this type of flour has a grinding for which the granules are finely ground so as to make it very subtle actually imperceptible to the touch.

It's a characteristic that is perceived during production and that can be appreciated by the experts in the kitchen also for the realization of the most laborious doughs like puff pastry or fillo dough.

It has the same use of the other rice flours: it's great for making all kinds of baked products, it is also suitable for those who prefer cereals different from wheat. Ideal for the preparation of sweet and salty products such as bread, pizza, pastry, pasta, cakes, cookies.

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