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Quality Answers: Macrobiotic Cooking

On your website I see that you distribute different products for macrobiotic cooking, but I did not understand if it is a type of diet or philosophy of life.

The word macrobiotic originates from the Greek words "μαkƥoş" (makros) and "ßioş" (bios), whose literal meaning is long life, great life, full life.
It is an ancient oriental philosophy that dates back to 5000 years ago, the purpose of which is to allow everyone to live long and realized lives.

The primary means to achieve this is the searching for a type of diet that allows to establish a harmonious balance between our inner 'environment' and outer world.
The macrobiotic philosophyis divided into two main categories, the many kind of foods that are needed for the nourishment of man and his equilibrium: the food "Yang", where Yang is the force of contraction that goes downwards and inwards and plant foods "Yin", where Yin is the force of expansion that goes upward and outward.
In macrobiotics is just favoring a proper balance between these two opposite but complementary elements that can you make reach the state of perfect balance between mind and body.

Speaking of macrobiotic an important figure was the physician and philosopher George Ohsawa, who argued that by following a daily balanced diet with balanced meals would make it possible to reach a good level of physical and mental wellbeing.
The base of a macrobiotic diet is not to use refined food but to prefer whole foods. The whole cereal in grain is therefore essential, but also the pto others, these are aspects which are of great importance.

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