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Quality Answers: "Made in Italy"

I am one of Your diligent consumers and I use products from organic farming. I give a particular attention to products labeled "made in Italy". I wonder why on products with this statement I find the item non-EU agriculture?

The label "Made in Italy" means made in Italy, and you’ll find it on products that have undergone the last stage of processing in Italy, so this statement is not directly related to the origin of the raw materials of the products.

An illustrative example is that of Khorasan Kamut® wheat pasta: the raw material is not cultivated in Italy (non-EU agriculture) but all stages of mixing, extrusion and drying are performed by the best pasta producers in Italy, in fact, the finished product shows the brand "Made in Italy" on the packaging. The statement about the origin of the raw material is present in all of the labels, just below the European flag, which indicates the biological product (the one with the green leaf).
The three different terms may be:
- Italian Agriculture: when the raw material is grown in Italy.
- EU agriculture: when the raw material is grown both in Italy and in the European Union.
- NON-EU Agriculture: when the raw material is grown both in European Union and outside Europe.

In all the data sheets of the products featured on our site one can find the indication of origin of the raw material and the country in which the product was finished.

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