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Raw Food and Raw Diet: Choose Organic

The raw food is a naturist food style based on the choice to eat only food that hasn’t undergone a heat treatment above 42°C (107°F) in addition to which, so claim the followers of this type of diet, the food loses its naturalness and it would be mainly depleted of nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

For raw foodists also the physiological raising of white blood cells after the intake of cooked food (leukocytosis) would symptom the defense of the body to harmful substances.
Traditional cooking methods aren‘t allowed, but only drying/dehydration and sun-drying. Although techniques such as sterilization and pasteurization are banned in this philosophy.

The sentence of the book "Food Regime and Reform" of Gandhi, << To get rid of a disease, the reference to use of fire in the preparation of the meal >> often has become a bastion of the raw food thought.

This type of diet is based mainly on the consumption of vegetables, fruit, seeds and dried fruit.
Those who follow this type of nutrition often mention it as detoxifying and source of vitality.
Among the advantages they highlight the large quantities of natural substances taken with foods that doesn’t undergo great and important processes and therefore also cheaper and less polluting, the increasing perception of satiety given by the quantity of fibers, the optimal body hydration, and then a more direct relationship with nature and the environment.
And do not forget the positive influence on the teeth that would have to return to chew the foods which when cooked will soften and are often swallowed without being chewed well.

Although many types of foods are then not used in raw food cooking it’s rich in imaginative and colorful recipes, full of scents from the garden and fields in bloom.

Because of the request of many of our customers, Probios decided to highlight in the packaging the foods that aren’t subjected to a heat treatment above 42°C, among them, a broken corn, raw bulgur, just to give a chance to find different foods, to those who want to bring on the table only raw food.

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