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“Real” Organic School Canteens, to Safeguard the Kids

The evaluation made by Nas (the Italian Carabinier’s Unit that monitors the respect of compliance rules on food), on Board of Health’s request, about food served to our kids in the school canteens showed up worrying facts. One school canteen on four turned in fact out to be outlaw[1].

Many are the reasons: from “old” food served as fresh, to organic food that wasn’t absolutely organic. In some cases, Nas also contested the hygienic conditions.

So, the Office for the Prevention of the Adulteration of Beverages and Foodstuffs carried out 2.678 examinations, and 670 structure turned out to be unconformable. After the examinations, 37 school canteens were closed (1,4%), 164 legal sanctions and 764 civil penalties were commanded (a total amount of 491.498 Euros), and 4.264 kilograms of “badly preserved and spoiled food”, or with few information about their traceability and labels was sequestered.

In the end, after the examinations, the Authority commanded forced shutdowns and sequesters for a total value of about 13 million Euros.

Facts that make us reflect a lot, especially in a Country like Italy, where organic, true and certified food is being so requested to become, from an habit for a few people, a real lifestyle. A positive trend, that increases the necessity of controls, to safeguard those who believe in this culture and aim to promote it with honesty.

That’s the reason why Probios, in order to offer guaranteed and high-quality products, undergoes regular inspections and controls from the authorized organisms to certify the compliance to the strict European and Italian rules. In line with this philosophy, the company, with Biostock, keeps preferring if possible Italian raw materials and manufacturing companies, providing a wide range of products to school canteens and shops, both in Tuscany and all around Italy.
[1]SOURCE: ilgiornale