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Seasonal Shopping

For over 40 years, we at Probios are very attentive to the environment and the rhythms of nature, so today we want to dedicate some space to seasonal fruit and vegetables to guide you to a more informed choice.

Let's start with fruit: raspberries, a fruit rich in important nutrients, are ideal as toppings on yogurt or pancakes but also as a hunger-cruncher; the pears, excellent as fruit, as an ingredient for desserts and, for the most creative, even inside tasty salads.

Even the grapes are an excellent fruit of this period, convenient to tease at any time of the day and with a high content of vitamins against stress. Finally apricots, peaches, blackberries and much more, for a mix of colors and energy ready to prepare our tables.

As for vegetables, on the other hand, the beans certainly are well suited to this season, ideal for both preparing the first soups and eating them cold as an side dish. And then zucchini and aubergines, excellent both grilled and cooked in the oven, but also as a base for a delicious vegan parmigiana. Peppers, also very good if grilled, or with many different fillings. Finally, enjoy the latest salads made with tomatoes and cucumbers because afterwards you'll have to wait for a long time.

All good food to gradually recover from the "food cheating" of the holidays and get back into shape, without sacrificing the taste and genuineness of the products that our beautiful country offers us.

And if the imagination to cook these "wonders of nature" is missing, on our website in the recipes blog there are plenty of ideas for first, second, and side dishes or desserts with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and of course Probios products!