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Sleeping in Facilities that Are Environmentally Friendly? Today with EcoBnB You Can!

The idea of the Italian platform was created a year ago with the brand "Green Travels" before assuming his current EcoBnb designation, is celebrating its first year of life.
Starting as a community to offer a kind of eco-friendly holiday in full harmony with nature, (hiking, horseback riding, biking or boating, organic food), EcoBnb has quickly become a far greater reality, bringing also the German, Swiss and Austrian market.
Today the Italian platform, created by a group of four guys, has, after 12 months of life, over 20 thousand subscribers and 2002 environmentally sustainable resorts, getting the support of social networks, magazines, companies that orbit in the green economy and dedicate technologies that enable access even via smartphone.

The only rule to register and bring the tourist to stay in your facility is to meet at least 5 of 10 environmental requirements internationally recognized by those involved in ecotourism: organic food, green architecture, 100% renewable electricity, solar panels for hot water, eco-friendly cleaning products, recycling over 80%, accessibility by public transport, reducing flow water saving, energy saving light bulbs and reusing rainwater.

A quid that makes Ecobnb unique is also the type of available housing, which is much broader than that offered the classic bed & breakfast. In fact through the travelers platform we have the chance to sleep in a real igloo or spend their vacation in an old monastery or in an organic farm where all food is strictly organic and from farm to table.

Enjoy your green holiday!