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Spread Cream: The Expert Answers!

"I bought your delicious carob and nuts cream Nuts & Bio, but despite it is not expired it has become whitish on the surface, is it damaged?"

The phenomenon that you are telling me is absolutely normal and possible in some periods of the year in certain geographical areas and is due to temperature range that the product has endured. Indeed, with the cold, the vegetable oil tends to solidify and becomes white. Once the solidification of the vegetable oil has occurred you need to put the cream at a temperature above 25 ° to restore its original appearance.

The manufacturer provides us with complete tranquillity that this will not affect the taste or even the quality of the product. Emulsifiers of any kind arent’t deliberately used, not even lecithins. The emulsion of the product is guaranteed through a completely natural method: the ingredients are continuously mixed for 18 hours in order to obtain the best creaminess and spreadability.

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