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Our Suppliers: IL NUTRIMENTO


We are in 1990 when A young married couple, Enza and Emanuele Angiuli, decide to make their dream come true: to bring on the tables of Italian people flavors, perfumes and preparations typical of their homeland Puglia.
In this region, as you know, a passion for good food has meant that the families of peasants traditionally prepared conserves and under oil products in order to replenish the pantry of a stock of vegetables that would otherwise have been available only in some periods of the year.

Thus began the journey of Il Nutrimento: the couple, transferred to the cold north of the province of Cremona endeavor to dust off the old family cookbook, which belonged to the mother of Emmanuel, an expert cook, and passed as a dowry to his daughter-in-law Enza.
The challenge is not at all easy: they have to be able to reproduce those specialties while ensuring maximum food safety; in this case our friends are a perfect combination, Enza studying recipes, customize and puts his personal touch, Emanuele studies and explores modern methods of conservation and food security.

The result is immediately outstanding, Il Nutrimento creates a tasty and varied line, ranging from pasta sauces, pates made from fresh vegetables, mouth-watering pickles. The special processing that allows you to get the high quality of these products has to be found in the craft preparations: for some special recipes, the strictly fresh and seasonal vegetables are hand cut, machined using traditional methods and packaged safely.

2005 is a turning point for the company, since it joined the group Probios exploiting the ubiquity of its distribution and being able to reach all corners of our country and beyond.
Il Nutrimento, indeed, is also present in the overseas market and the success was immediate! Many requests come from many foreign countries, where lovers of Italian cuisine reclaim the precious jars to savor the taste.

The long-standing friendship with Carmen Somaschi, president of the Italian Vegetarian Association, stimulates Enza and Emanuele to study only vegetarian recipes, thus excluding the use of meat and fish, and making these products beloved by all those who have made this diet choice.
As a result, the company has forged further alliance with the Association certifying the entire production process and putting the logo on every product, to give further assurance of the absence of animal products to its consumers.

Emanuele’s studies on technology continue over the years and Il Nutrimento specializes in ensuring the absence of gluten in their preparations following the scrupulous guidelines of the Italian Celiac Association, with whom the company collaborated since 2009.
Today there are about 30 products of Il Nutrimento inserted into the Handbook of Food prepared by the association for many years and which has become a reference point for the buying guide to all celiacs.

Today we can say that Il Nutrimento is the leading company in Italy for the production and processing of raw materials, working with major Italian and European partners for which the company produces and customizes delicious and safe recipes throughout the supply chain.

The dream of Enza and Emanuele has therefore come true, they magically succeed in enclosing in their jars the secrets handed down for generations in the family cookbook