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A Tasteful August 15th

Would you ever say that August is a bit like New Year's? Among friends it is expected all year round, bonfires are organized on the beach in company, while the family prepares tables for a pleasant day together. Another day of celebration in which food plays a leading role and during which mothers, grandmothers and aunts stay in the kitchen to prepare many excellent meals.

But this time, would you want a vegan menu or some gluten-free recipes? Below, some proposals designed for you and to amaze your guests from appetizers to desserts:

- Potato baskets with tofu pâté
- Russian boats with vegan mayo
- Swirls of vegan wrap with spinach omelette, tofu pâté and vegan mayo

- Brown basmati rice with azuki, fresh vegetables and flax seeds

- Hamburger with white and red quinoa with lentils and spices, side dish of white quinoa salad with beet juice and black sesame

- Rice tart with pineapple and ginger compote
- Quinoa tart with rose hips compote

And to drink? Obviously, Probios thought about it! It's summer, it's hot, what would you want if not a Tasty Organic and gluten-free Probios tea? Excellent also cold, the Probios Teas are available with lemon, with peach, green tea and white tea - lime taste, tea to satisfy everyone. If instead you want a slightly sweeter taste, you certainly can not miss the Smoothies Il Nutrimento, available in different flavors and colors, able to combine genuineness and flavor.