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The Good Vegetarian (and Organic) Habits

The consumption of fruit and vegetables, with 5 daily recommended portions, has been considered by nutritionists and experts as the first step towards balanced nutrition, oriented to the well being of the organism and to a healthy lifestyle. Many researches show in fact that plant based food help maintaining our shape, they help maintaining our blood pressure low and  reducing the risks of diabetes.

Those who choose to follow a vegetarian lifestyle have a easier start to set up a healthy life style. Here are some good “vegetarian” habits that could (and should) be adopted by everyone as good daily habits*:

Veggies as “main” – often, vegetables are considered and offered as “side dishes” and not as the main course. Thinking about veggies as the base and the protagonist of our meal could help change our mentality and have better results on our diet.

Fats? Better from animal sources – extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly the heritage of the Mediterranean food culture and it is also a precious ally for our well being, definitely preferable to the other condiments, like butter and mayonnaise. Plant based fats, in fact, reduce the risk of obesity and help maintaining our weight.

Legumes – legumes, like beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils, are an excellent source of protein and are rich in antioxidants and fibers. Since researchers’ advice is not to eat meat more than once a week, a beautiful dish of those precious legumes could represent a valid alternative to the traditional steak.

Vegetarian snacks – with vegetables, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil or guacamole, with energy bars or with fresh or dried fruits, snacks are the ideal for those who would like to have a healthy break. The greedier could instead have some dark chocolate.

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*source: Salute24