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The “Green Economy” is the Solution to Crisis, Starting From Agriculture

The “Green Economy” is our weapon against the crisis.

As Greenitaly 2016’s [1] data report, more than one company out of four bet on the green economy. In fact, more than 385 thousand Italian companies – 26.5% out of the total, from the manufacturing and the service industries – from 2010 invested, or are investing this year, in the sustainable technologies to reduce their environmental impact, to save energy and to lower the CO2 emissions.

The green orientation proves itself to be a strategic driver for the Made in Italy, and results in more competitiveness, growth of exportations, turnover and occupation. The green jobs in Italy are in fact about 2 million and 964 thousand, and more than 294.000 [2] new job opportunities have been planned this year.

For many sectors being green is even a distinctive feature of Made in Italy. In particular, for the agriculture, Italy  is the first country in the EU for the amount of organic producers and the first one in the world for distinctive products, with 285 Dop/Igp foods and 523 Docg, Doc and Igt products.

Moreover, according to the recent Efsa’s (European Food Safety Authority) studies on pesticides in food, more than the 65% of the food samples analyzed in Italy is completely pesticide free, 34,2% showed up traces within the established limits, and only the 0,3% was irregular. In Italy, we always pay more and more attention to the environment and the sustainability, with the prohibition to use GMOs and the highest number of organic companies.

That’s the reason why Probios keeps choosing raw materials produced and transformed in Italy, to obtain and offer high quality certified products, in respect of the health of people and the environment.


[1]SOURCE: Greenitaly 2016 è il settimo rapporto di Fondazione Symbola e Unioncamere