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The Probios anti-waste flow

According to some evalutations, in 2016 the food waste was 145kg per family, that is almost 63kg per person. After the entry into force of the Gadda law, that provides tax relief for those who donate food, food waste has fallen to 84kg per family for a total of 36kg per person. A halving, therefore, which however maintains too high figures.

Food waste worldwide

Let's try to reflect together on the current food paradox: every day 1 third of all food produced get wasted and 815 million people are still suffering from hunger, about 11% of the world's population. Fighting hunger and sensitizing to a more conscious food consumption with small daily actions, therefore become two of the priority elements to trigger a process of social responsibility and a real anti-waste movement.

Small daily actions for an anti-waste movement

There are small daily actions to stem food waste and allow organic waste bins to fill less and less with leftovers. Here are some simple rules to keep always attached to the fridge or in the kitchen:

  • Consume primarily food with a tight deadline,

  • Ensure products are kept rightly in the fridge or in a dry place (depending on the product life cycle phase),

  • Ask for a family bag at the restaurant to bring home any leftovers,

  • Make a conscious shopping and buy the right amount of product,

  • Propose, when possible, the leftovers from the day before using them in new recipes and observing the different cooking methods

Last but not least, educating our children to a conscious management of food both at table and away from home - especially at school - is one of the main steps to trigger a long-term anti-waste culture.