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The Student’s Diet

Vegetables, dark chocolate and legumes: according to the researches of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this would be the perfect diet for the students, for its richness in iron. This element might in fact be related to good performances at school and good grades.

The research involved 105 university students, and examined their physical activity, school grades and blood tests.

The students who recorded the highest grades were the most in shape and showed the highest levels of iron in their blood.

Increasing the level of physical activity or maintaining a high level of fitness could be important for university students. Ideally, we should also consider that this diet is appropriate to prevent nutritional deficiencies” -  stated Prof. Karsten Koehler from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the author of the research*.

In this context, iron covers an important role because it conducts fundamental functions for the organism, like allowing the transport of the oxygen in blood. Iron deficiency is associated to problems like fatigue and loss of concentration, that might contribute negatively to school performances.

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