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The World Pasta Day

Today October 25th is celebrated the World Pasta Day, a sector in continuous development of which Italy is proudly a world leader. A recurrence promoted by the International Pasta Organization (IPO) which, every year, aims to promote the consumption and knowledge of pasta worldwide, one of the most famous and appreciated foods both in Italy and abroad, ideal for satisfying the needs of young and old and excellent in all sauces.

Several initiatives will follow one another throughout the day to spread the culture of nutritional values and the transversality of a food that is as famous as it’s basic in the Mediterranean diet. In this context, Probios proposes to its consumer two innovative and specific products for those who follow a specific diet.


Probios 100% pulses pasta

A totally organic and gluten-free product, the result of the wisdom of Italian pasta makers. A specialty that is rich in fiber and source of vegetable protein, available in different formats: 100% black beans striped sedani, 100% red lentils fusilli, 100% chickpeas caserecce, 100% yellow lentils penne and spaghetti, 100% green peas fusilli.

A dish with a high satiating power and balanced from a nutritional point of view, especially if enriched with simple dressing, such as fresh sauces, but also with zucchini and saffron, or to be presented with red azuki beans.


Rice&Rice 100% organic rice pasta by Probios

From the best organic Italian rice grains was born the 100% Rice&Rice wholemeal rice pasta, excellent to satisfy the palate of those with particular dietary needs, but also the whole family. The product is available in spaghetti, penne, fusilli, sedanini, conchiglie and chifferi formats. A gluten-free specialty, with the barred spike on pack and loanable by the Italian National Health System.


Excellent both as a hot dish and to be enjoyed at lunchbreak the day after, enriched with sautéed tomatoes or zucchini, but also with vegetables curry or with a spoonful of pumpkin sauce, ideal for this season.


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