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Vegan and Gluten Free... with Probios You Can!

Although celiac disease in Italy are relatively few, about 170 thousand, now there are more than two million families who are careful to consume gluten free foods. An exponentially growing market, with an increase of 31% in 2015, whic has exceeded 100 million in annual revenue.[1]

Just in response to the needs of so-called "food lefties"[2], ie all the people who for ethical or health choice eat vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, Probios launches a new natural tofu recipe, guaranteed 100% vegan and from today on gluten-free too.

This product of the brand Bio In Tavola, made from soyabean from talian origin, can be used for many delicious recipes: smoothies for the preparation of sauces, diced for mouth-watering dishes, or as a second, sauteèd with soy sauce and vegetables, fried or stewed.

Always based on tofu, the brand Il Nutrimento introduces the new gluten-free recipe of tofu sauce with mushrooms.
Part of the line of sauces with fresh and juicy tomatoes that combined with vegetables and herbs, this sauce is ideal to dress in a moment a dish of steaming pasta or as a base for a variety of recipes of the Mediterranean tradition.
[1]SOURCE: Teatro Naturale
[2] Lorenza Dadduzio and Flavia Giordano, "Eat different, creative recipes to eat differently" (Gribaudo)