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Vegan Products and Products Certified by the Vegan Society

The Vegan choice is based on ethical motivations (respect for life, anti speciesist thought, non-violence, exploitation, and no animal suffering, environmental protection), or health motivations. Therefore in nutrition one avoids the consumption of each type of animal product (meat, fish, milk and dairy products, eggs, honey and bee products).

Whatever the motivation was that led to this choice, it's certain that our customers must have the best warranties on the products they choose.
Infact the vegan products, not only provide in the recipe the exclusion of milk and dairy products, eggs and honey, but also a whole series of other features to guarantee and protect the vegan choice, for example:

- NO to the use of animal-derived ingredients: the natural aromas can be both from vegetable and animal origin in the organic sector too, in wine, for example, there can be used products that derived from eggs and milk to enhance the clarity.

- NO to some additives at risk such as colorants (E120, derives from the homonymous cochineal insect), verification of the nature of emulsifiers at risk such as lecithins, or acidity regulators such as lactic acid, all of those agents used for example to polish citrus peel are sometimes based on products of animal origin.

- NO animal testing: check for ingredients at risk such as flavors (the toxicology tests may have been conducted on animals).

These warranties on Probios products can be provided to the consumer in two ways:

1) issued by the Vegan Society Logo: in this case the product is registered at the Vegan Society that, first, in 1944 to create the term vegan. The registration process has been certified by independent Certification Europe Italy that has occurred, through inspections at manufacturing plants, compliance with standards of reference, allowing these products to be the proud holder of the only registered and globally recognized trademark on the market for vegan products.

2) Request to the suppliers for vegan standards compliance, both for raw materials, and in the production process (guarantee that no ingredient and adjuvant in the recipe has been produced o tested using or creating suffering to animals, seen as living vertebrates organisms and multicellular invertebrates organisms.)

For this you will find on our site many more vegan products, some with double icon: vegan product, and vegan product certified by the Vegan Society, with the same guarantee that they are 100% vegetable and 100% cruelty free.