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What Are You Waiting For? "Cambia la Terra"

On Thursday, Cambia la Terra’s web campaign #ipesticididentrodinoi, supported by the world of organic food and by associations and researchers, with the goal to inform and raise awareness on the damages of chemical agriculture on our health, on the environment, on social life and economy, was launched.

Day after day, through the official hashtag  #ipesticididentrodinoi, it will be possible to follow the experiment undergone by a family (mum, dad and two kids) that, for 15 days, decided to eat organic food only. The results have been recorded by urine tests, which were taken both before and after the diet change.

On the social channels of “Cambia la Terra”, the family will record its experience, explaining the reasons why they decided to undergo this scientific and social experiment, with the goal to discover how much a 100% organic diet might help purifying our organism, cleansing us from the pesticides inside of us (as the official Italian hashtag says, #ipesticididentrodinoi)

In facts, there are no exact protocols on the use of pesticides and herbicides in agriculture, that’s the reason why the first obstacle during the campaign was to find a laboratory that could do target researches on the chemicals selected by the scientific committee of Cambia la Terra. The results of the urine analysis will require one month worth waiting, that’s the reason why the campaign #ipesticididentrodinoi wasn’t presented to the public live: at the end of the campaign, we will discover together the results of the 15 days spent without using chemicals.

Among the sponsors of the project, there’s also Probios, who decided to collaborate and support this initiative, spreading and sharing the project on its social networks, to give clear and real information on the procedures of industrial agriculture, to bring into questions the beliefs and the habits established after many years of passive consumption.

To always be up to date and give your contribution, you can surf the website, or follow the Social networks Facebook (cambialaterra) and Twitter @cambialaterra, with the official hashtags #ipesticididentrodinoi.

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