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Which feeling is prevailing in the era of Contradictions?

Never before have people talked so much about the heart, emotions, sincerity, understanding, and so on...

If you see what is written, for example on Facebook or Twitter, or go to see the number of books sold or songs heard on these issues we could really be amazed because it seems that the common denominator is to push us to become better people.
At the same time, there is another part of the world that encourages us to be increasingly projected towards the appearance, the age-old search aff to get those famous status symbol that give credibility and perhaps a glimmer of security, like a nice car, a luxurious house, trendy clothes, money, success. First of all is what makes us think of a person: "This persom has to be taken into consideration because you might need him / her," and in a sense, see its realization makes us automatically estimate the individual but not the person he is, but for what he represents.
Have you ever noticed how many times family, friends, colleagues, have advised us, even in good faith, to keep dear a person just because it could come back in the future to be convenient for his help? Maybe for a job, a health needs or to be able to circumvent the complex italian bureaucracy?

Well, I believe that we have lost the sight of the main thing in our life: we all live on the same planet, so there is something that unites us, which I translate in this expression: "we are all brothers" everyone, even those who we do not like, one that has different skin, those that are uncomfortable and also could hurt us.
But it is precisely for this reason that we should try to build human relationships that go beyond the barriers and appearances, and seek rather the humanity of those near us. And do you know what? I found that really all depends on how we look at others, from how open and willing we are to give a welcoming look.

We try to have truly human relations, based on the human being, where the comfortable or uncomfortable are replaced from creating something together, where we are both willing to give and as well to assert our gratitude for what is given to us, where at first place is the individual and after this the things come and those things are made to be used and not to idealized, like human beings were not created to be used, but respected, always.
I realize that the only way to truly improve those relationships that touch our lives, is to have a better relationship with ourselves. It is really a great experience that we see unfolding before our eyes as soon as we begin to treat us as if we were our dearest friend, when we try to love and appreciate each other unconditionally.
The love for ourselves expands in our environment and improves all, the love for ourselves also produces real miracles on the healing of our bodies.
It all starts with a small "yes": say yes to ourselves and accept us as we are now.
And when we really respect ourselves and others that’s when we win the battle of life, where the real beauty is the journey itself, not the finish line.

with love,