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World Dog-in-the-Office Day

Today we want to start with a question: would you like the idea of ​​being able to bring your four-legged friends with you? This is the right day to do it! In fact, on June 23rd every year the World Dog-in-the-office Day is celebrated, launched for the first time, in 1996 in the United Kingdom by the association Pet Sitter International (PSI) and resumed a few years later also by the United States and Canada.

Many initiatives have developed in this sense, highlighting a growing sensitivity to this issue, so much so that today we talk about a well-established reality with about one in five companies being pet-friendly. The results of this choice have been largely positive, let's see together why.

From the research 'Pets at work survey 2017' conducted by Ipsos and commissioned by Purina, very important benefits have emerged for the worker:

- Fall of guilt to leave the worker's dog alone at home (46%)
- Stress lowering due to the presence in the office of the worker's dog (40%)
- Creating a more relaxed environment (37%)
- Better reconciliation between private and professional life (31%)

But these are just some of the main reasons that make our pets special puppies. A theme that at Probios is very close to our heart, especially at a time of the year like this when, unfortunately, the newspapers are filled with unpleasant news about our dear pets.

From these data and from all these positive benefits it seems that the presence of dogs crouched next to their desk, is able to enrich the day of employees and also that of puppies, thus improving the balance between work and leisure.