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World Environment Day 2016: #gowildforlife

A day to remember that the environment is a place that has to be be preserved to create a future. June 5th is the date chosen for the whole world to celebrate nature and unite the countries of the Earth with the aim of protecting our ecosystem.
World Environment Day was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1972, in memory of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in the course of which was born the United Nations Environment Programme (known by the English acronym UNEP, United Nations Environment Programme).
Every year, on the occasion of the celebration of June 5th, the organizers identify a key theme and a country "icon": 2016 will be the occasion for Angola, an African country heavily affected by illegal hun-ting of animals in danger of extinction. Poaching is in fact leading to the disappearance of some of the most important species for the eco-system of the wildest territories (mostly in Africa and Asia): rhinos, gorillas, tigers, lions and elephants, sought after for their valuable ivory tusks and that Angola is seeking to defend and repopulate.
But the problem linked to extinction, not only concerns savannas or tropical jungles; in addition to hun-ting, in fact, pollution and habitats' reduction are causing the extinction of many species that live in clo-se contact with humans.
D’altronde, l’agricoltura italiana risulta la più green d’Europa, con il maggior numero di aziende biologi-che, il divieto all’utilizzo degli Ogm e ben 281 prodotti a denominazione di origine (Dop/Igp).
Because of this, Probios continues to make use of biological raw materials from Italian guaranteed and controlled cultivation, in order to offer the best products, in the respect of human health and of the environment. Moreover, the Italian agriculture is the greenest of Europe, with the largest number of organic farms, the banning of the use of GMOs and no less than 281 products with denomination of origin (PDO / PGI).