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World Friendship Day

Do you love sharing, the simple and lasting bonds? Today is the right day to celebrate in company: since 2011, on July 30th each year the World Friendship Day is celebrated, established by the United Nations Organization to promote and defend the spirit of sharing and solidarity between people.

Especially young people are the subjects most affected by this theme and it is especially to them that this day is addressed, created with the aim of enhancing the values ​​of dialogue, understanding and mutual respect. Everyone knows, the best friendships are those that are cultivated since young, especially during the university period and the sleepless nights until dawn, those that grow with us, are strengthened every day more and more and become an important point of reference.

It is said that friends are our brothers not of blood, with whom to share joys, adventures and secrets, but also those we can help in times of difficulty. Friends, those with a capital "F", are our safe haven: but what are the conditions for a true friendship?

- Unconditional trust for each other
- Reciprocity and sharing
- Mutual happiness that leaves no room for envy or selfishness
- Motivation to share time and experiences
- Freedom to be ourselves until the end

We can say that a strong friendship is able to generate many positive aspects, so why not take this opportunity to find another good reason to celebrate and spend an evening in company? What are you waiting for? Run!